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What you’re about to see in this four-minute treatise…Could be the most important message you'll ever read as a man.I know this may sound like a big claim, but in just a moment, you'll understand that I'm being conservative with my statement.Because here I’ll be sharing with you a source of male wisdom that contains:

The “forbidden knowledge” leveraged by the top 1% of men to play the game of life with an unfair advantage.

This is a corpus of actionable information developed by one of the most respected and secretive online strategists.The collection condenses some of the best principles, strategies, and maxims, applied by the greatest leaders of the past and the present.You’re going to discover what most men never learn, and what many others pay in pain and poverty to merely intuit.So, it's in your best interest to read this page until the end.

But before we begin, a word of caution:

The defenders of the mainstream-blue-pilled narrative and the feminization advocates (more on this shortly) feel “offended” by this short essay.The strategist and author of this collection has been banned before just for sharing his thoughts.This information could be very sensitive, not suitable for easily offended people, so reader discretion is advised.

The War Against Men and Masculinity

We live in paradoxical times.On one hand, society demands a lot from men.On the other hand, the same society focuses on eliminating the essence of masculinity.Mainstream media and institutions have made men invisible and powerless.This has caused broken families and homes.Consequently millions of men have grown up without a strong father figure to guide them.Masculinity is considered “toxic” and feminized society has caused:

An alarming 17% increase in male suicides (US only). (1)

***The catastrophic rise of alcohol abuse among boys and young men. ***(2)

The shocking 30% increase in world drug abuse in the last 10 years. (3)

The worst part?Every attempt to expose the truth is censored, and any bit of info that may give men direction is banned.They have distorted, hidden, and prohibited the knowledge that can bring some light into the darkness.Despite censorship, you’ll discover some of those forbidden pieces of wisdom in just a minute.But before that, let me talk briefly about:

The misleading information on masculinity.

This is a unique phenomenon of our times.In the effeminate society, men who have grown up without a father figure to guide them use alternative sources of knowledge to learn about life.The problem is the world has plenty of “knowledge sources” that are like shallow oceans.Wide, but not deep.That’s why most dating advice you find are mostly gimmicks:

How to text girls

How to approach women

How to get laid

I’m not saying that all the dating material can’t get you some results.The problem is those tricks don't solve what really matters:

  • Don’t fix your insecurity

  • Don’t fix your lack of a winning plan

  • Don’t fix your social skills

However, while 99% of men have to settle for limited knowledge about life…The 1% of men at the top have access to the best sources of masculine wisdom.

The "Forbidden Wisdom" of Top Leaders

Look:Most men are indoctrinated by the educational system and mainstream media, which follow an effeminate trend against masculinity.They learn how to obey, be submissive, and suppress their masculine essence.By contrast, the men at the top 1% are educated to be leaders, dominate, and project their authentic masculinity.We are talking about statesmen, presidents, business tycoons (you’ll meet some of them in just a moment).They retain the same patriarchal upbringing of their ancestors.The powerful cannot risk losing their legacy by following the most “modern effeminate trends”.Naturally, the knowledge they have is forbidden to the majority.It explains why only a few (the 1%) concentrate the best... (women, wealth, power).The men cultivated in the art of leading people and nations are authentic strategists. They are the true masters of social dynamics.They can see what is invisible to the majority.

How to see the “Invisible Threads”

It’s clear.Society wants you powerless, lower on the food chain.While the powerful can see the invisible threads behind everything.The mainstream “male” books only show you the “social dynamics” in the small universe of a bar and some gimmicks and pick-up lines.Frankly…

Do you think the top 1% of men use those
“canned tricks” to deal with different situations?

Heck, no.What they do is:


Look at all the pieces on the board


Anticipate the movements


Make a calculated decision

When you understand the real social dynamics and why women (and men) behave the way they behave, you don’t need pick-up lines and tricks.You can anticipate their actions and adapt your reactions accordingly.It’s like playing chess knowing the next 10 moves of your opponent.You’ll know when they are bluffing or when they have real possibilities.In any case, you'll always know what’s the best way to proceed.Now, if you want to know how to do that, then this interests you.

How to become an Illimitable Man

The most naive believe that the powerful win in the game of life because they have money and connections.We cannot be delusional, all these elements play an important role.But if many powerful men had to start from scratch...In a couple of years they could achieve what most do not achieve in a lifetime.So, it isn't money, power, or connections...What’s their secret?

The cornerstone of the 1% men's success lies in a set of strategies commonly called Machiavellianism.

If you research, you’ll find a lot of disinformation around Machiavellianism.This is intentional.Do you think rulers want you to know the strategies that keep them at the top of the pyramid?Of course not.

So, one way to become a Machiavellian is directly studying the works of Niccolò Machiavelli.But those are ancient texts written in 1513 can be hard to understand…And moreover:Hard to adapt and deploy in our current context.

Niccolò MachiavelliFather of Machiavellianism

Another way is contacting one of the true Machiavellian practitioners.Leaders and successful men like:

Donald Trump

Kanye West

Xi Jinping

Vladimir Putin

As you may suspect…They don’t teach their secrets outside their inner circles.Naturally, that limits men's chances of winning at the game of life.That’s why I recovered and compiled the best modern source of Machiavellian wisdom developed by one of the most secretive and respected online strategists.So, instead of letting you waste your time searching for knowledge where you’ll never find it.Here I show you an easy way to download those strategies to your mind


The Illimitable Men Audiobook Collection

It’s the first and only audio collection with…The time-tested strategies used by some of the most charismatic leaders in history.This contains all the actionable knowledge a man needs to win in every aspect of life:




And you can leverage it no matter your age, looks or how much money you have.It’s a set of professionally narrated audios you can listen to while training, working, or doing whatever you want.That’s the closest thing to having a Machiavellian mentor at your disposal 24/7.Each audio is a complete masterclass on its own.Most of the audios have an average length of 15 minutes of actionable advice and zero fluff.We’re talking about 26.5 hours of the finest male wisdom on power, women and strategy ever conceived.You can listen to those audios in the order you want.Or following the logical sequence suggested by the author.By the way…

Here’s a Small Peek of What's Inside

Part I: Becoming a Man

7 audio masterclasses to transform you into a man of substance.Here you’ll find:

• The 8 fundamental cornerstones of a man's power.

• How to stop being a loser & become epic following only 11 simple steps.

Are you a lost boy? How to know and overcome it.

• And more...

Part II: The Nature of Women

25 audio masterclasses so you can finally understand how women operate.In this section, you’ll become a master of attraction. You’ll know how to pick the right one for a long-term relationship or marriage.Here you’ll find:

• The noob-proof key to avoiding the friend zone.

• The ingredients to get the true love of a woman. (Hint: they’ve lied to you).

• How you can make any woman speak the truth and only the truth.

• And more…

Part III: Strategies From the Field

This is a set with 11 actionable strategies you can deploy immediately.Here you’ll find:

• How to increase at least 7x your odds of success even if you’re inexperienced.

Shit tests are always questions, right? Wrong, discover the truth with The Shit Test Encyclopedia.

• The most devastating weapons to destroy any shit test that may come your way.

• And many more actionable strategies.

Part IV: Advanced Machiavellianism

Considering the nature of these masterclasses...I prefer not to disclose in public the content of the 9 audios in this section.I'll just say one thing: they are powerful.

Get the Illimitable Men Audiobook Collection

Access over 26.5 hours of the finest male wisdom on power, women, and strategy.

Here Are The Details of the Deal

But before, let me remind you that…The price of not having these cheat codes is high, and it is paid with:

  • Tears & Blood

  • Poverty

  • Bitterness

Not knowing these strategies can cost you hours of loneliness, betrayal, disappointment, defeat, and mockery.A divorce, your soul, or even your life.Most men, those who are a part of the 99%, pay the price every second.Maybe, in some way or another, you are already paying the price too.So, I’m going to ask you something quick:What is it worth to you to be a limitless man who gets what he wants?How much is it worth to you to be a man that women want and men respect?How much is it worth to you to be a man who is always in charge?Furthermore…

Can you put a price tag on any of those things?

Only you know the answerAll I know is...Right now, others are taking advantage of this strategic device…And they will not have mercy.Just like women and society.So, if you want to have the tools to be a worthy contender…You could hire a dating coach, a strategy mentor.Buy tons of books on game, business, negotiation, life...And besides the time you must spend, you’d have to pay four or five figures.Neither the coaches nor the books give you any guarantee.But now, to get access to this source of wisdom your investment is just: $59.99.

Win with women, business and society for $59.99

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Money-back Guarantee

If you're one of the fortunate men who was able to take advantage of this opportunity...

And after listening, internalizing, and deploying these strategies, you don’t see any difference.I’ll give you a full refund.That’s my 100% money-back guarantee.All you have to do is:Send an email (within 30 days of purchase) and my team will refund you every single penny.

Become a powerful man that attracts women
and smoothly plays the Game of Life

(Or get your money back)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will this audiobook collection help me?

This audiobook collection gives you everything you need to be successful as a man in today's world, increasing your value as a man and understanding women.You’ll improve your social skills and the ability to tackle the situations the world throws at you.

Q: Does the audiobook collection work for women too?

While the audiobooks will help you find more success and help you understand the motivations behind your behavior as a woman, it is targeted towards men's needs.The audiobooks will definitely help you, but it is primarily oriented towards men.

Q: Can I listen to it on my phone?

You can listen to the audiobooks both on your phone and your computer.You also get downloadable MP3 files, so you can also listen to them offline.

Q: How can I know if this is really for me?

If you asked this question, it's not for you.Please do not purchase this audiobook.

Q: What is the time frame for visible results?

You will notice immediate changes in how you think and behave as you listen to the audiobooks.You will start noticing things you didn't notice before, and your approach and behavior will be immediately different.For example, you will be "smoother" and more perceptive towards people's motivations. You'll have a better idea of what to say to get what you want (respect, sex, a discount, convincing a prospective client, etc.)

2147 men have become a part of the top 1%

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Something Quick that Most Don’t Get

Listen:Most guys think that the blue-pilled society will treat you well if you have money and fame.But the truth is…You can be a powerful billionaire like Jeff Bezos…And end up paying billions for a divorce.Or be a popular good boy like Will Smith.And end up cucked and mocked publicly.Because it doesn’t matter how much alpha or sigma you think you’re.If you don’t understand the invisible rules of the game of life you’re lost.And that’s how society wants you.Now, If you want to be a master of this game…You know what to do with the button below.

You’re Just One Button Away From Becoming the Man You Want to Be

Today you have the opportunity to break the rules of this game called life.Right now, you can get your hands on the same actionable knowledge used by the top 1% of men to succeed in every aspect of life.Or you can stay in the same place you are, being a victim of society, rejected by women, and surpassed by your peers.The choice is yours.

Sources Cited:

1. World Health Organization. (2021, June 17). One in 100 deaths is by suicide. Retrieved November 4, 2021 from O'Connor, A. (2021, September 28). Alcohol Abuse Is on the Rise, but Doctors Too Often Fail to Treat It. Retrieved November 5, 2021 from Kenny, P. (2020, June 25). Global drug use soars 30% in 10 years: UN. Retrieved November 5, 2021 from

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